Management consultant Christian Pinter, MSc Akad. Dipl. Organisationsberater

Management consultant & Business Coach

Christian Pinter, MSc Akad. Dipl. Organizational consultant, management consultancy & Business Human Coach

Business advice

Business consulting stands for the accompaniment in the achievement of a concrete business goal, the completion of a specific task or the solution of a particular challenge.
It is the classic advice for organizational, technical and commercial topics.

(Retail, Wholesale, Healthcare)

Business / Human Coach

Managers, employees, people are integrated into a complex environment regardless of your position in the company or in your life. Achieving goals and goals, meeting challenges and hurdles, meeting expectations.
Business / Human coaching is about supporting people as employees and managers. This can be done on a selective basis for specific topics, ongoing in everyday life and as a preventative measure.
The following topics may include: be treated in one-to-one discussions or in workshops …